THE Resume, Cover Letter, Portfolio HANDBOOK 

by Dr. John DiMarco

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Career Handbook for College Students and Job Seekers

The Resume, Cover Letter, Portfolio Handbook walks you through the steps and critical details you need to master the art of creating a successful resume, cover letter, print portfolio book, and online web portfolio – empowering you in your career and life to find a job that will make you happy!

The only book that offers a complete educational experience on happiness, compensation, research, resumes, cover letters, print portfolios, e-portfolios, and online web portfolios.

Based on scientific research and proven methods, the author, Dr. John DiMarco shares his 25 years of teaching career skills in colleges, universities, and continuing education to bring you a complete learning experience which includes:

Full color textbook with exercises that help you assess your happiness needs

Job research techniques to discover the most opportunities that will fulfill happiness needs

Step by step passages showing you how to write and design a resume using keyword analysis and parallel language

Step by step lessons teaching you how to design portfolios for print and web distribution

Full suite of templates built using Microsoft Word and Google Docs & Sites for quick updating with your content

175 pages, Full Color, Online Website Access